Student Information System (SIS)

Our comprehensive Student Information System tracks all pertinent student information.
  • Demographics
  • Emergency contacts
  • Lunch Status
  • Grade Level
  • LEP
  • Homeroom Assignment
  • All NJ Smart specific fields
  • All NJ Smart SE fields.
  • Our SIS even tracks district specific fields like Read 180, Bus Assignments and/or Gifted and Talented…
  • Any district specific data, we track!

  • The Report Generator - Use our custom made Report Generator to run reports on all SIS data with ability to sort and narrow down the data to fit your needs. Easily obtain your ASSA report here.
  • Our custom made NJ Smart Error Checker – run the NJ Smart Error Checker to see which records will have NJ Smart errors before actually uploading to NJ Smart. Immediately correct all NJ Smart errors.
  • Custom made Class Lists with built-in Label Maker.

Included in the SIS is the ability to instantly download your NJ Smart SID Management, Special Education and State Submission Files.

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