The Attendance System can be set up according to your district’s specific needs:

The Attendance System can allow teachers to take attendance from the classroom, making information immediately available to the office which allows the Attendance secretary to produce accurate attendance reports without collecting slips of paper from classrooms.

The Attendance can be taken several times throughout the day with notifications as to which classrooms have taken attendance and which are still pending.

The Attendance can also be sent to the office where the Attendance secretary can directly input the attendance into the system and instantly produce accurate attendance reports.

Our Attendance system features our custom made Monthly Reports. The system allows you to select the appropriate school dates needed for any State report. It calculates the Grade Statistics Report which accurately breaks down Entries, Withdrawals, End of Membership Report, Days Possible, Days Present, Days Absent, Days Tardy, Average Daily Attendance and Average Daily Membership. You can produce Attendance reports by Homeroom, Grade, or Individual Student. It also includes Year End Enrollment and the year end NCLB Subgroup Attendance Report

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